Knight Wah Technology Ltd is one of the world-class electronic manufacturing service company in Hong Kong since 1996. Our 8,000 square feet Hong Kong plant providing state of the art manufacturing services to our reputable clients around the world.

Providing Total Electronic Manufacturing Services Solutions to you in Hong Kong

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Why KWT can be your long term manufacturing partner in Far East Asia.......

Total Manufacturing and Logistics Support Capabilities

With our Hong Kong based manufacturing and associate factory in mainland China, we are capable to provide total solution on your complete electronic products requirement including plastic housing manufacturing. Our services starting from individual plastic parts or subassemblies, rigid and flexible PCB assemblies to complete electronic products.

With our geographical advantages and free trade port in Hong Kong, the simplicity of customs procedure and professional local Logistic support enhanced the efficiency in overall operation which fits the nowadays rapid changing environment.

Versatile Manufacturing Services Model

In the rapid changing market environment, the product innovation is essential for companies to maintain their competency in market. There is the difficulties for entrepreneurs, start-up companies, inventors, industrial or product development engineers and technological professionals in seeking the highly reliable and capable manufacturing partner to provide speedy responsiveness, substantial flexibility and all-round support. With our service from fast turnaround low-mid volume manufacturing to mid-high volume mass production in both Hong Kong Factory and China Plant, we confidence that our services support can satisfy your needs.

In search of long term partnership with customers

With our close collaboration, service attitude and reliable performance, we have successfully building trust and continuously satisfy our customers as to maintain long-term partner relationship.

Technological knowhow


We have continuously upgrade our capabilities to satisfy the latest technology deployment in our industry.

Taking the global policy stability and intellectual protection advantage in our location

We commit to 100% of intellectual protection to protect your innovative design and technology.

Hong Kong is a free port , the risk of facing the global policy changes such as the effect of Trade War among regions is relatively lower than other countries. 


HONG KONG respects Intellectual Property Rights (Source:

  • Hong Kong has an established legal framework for the protection and registration of intellectual property (IP) rights including patents, trade marks, copyright and registered designs.  We update our IP laws from time to time to meet our prevailing economic needs.  We are reforming our local patent system with a view to launching it in 2019 the earliest.  We are also preparing for the implementation of the Madrid Protocol concerning international registration of marks in 2019.

  • The Hong Kong Customs has a strong and dedicated team comprising 270 officers to enforce criminal sanctions against IP rights infringements.  Another 3 700 officers are responsible for intelligence analysis and interception of contraband, including pirated and counterfeit goods at entry and exit points.  The vigorous and sustained enforcement efforts have brought infringement situation in Hong Kong under firm control.


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1. Fast Turnaround PCBA

2. TurnKey PCBA Projects

3. Turnkey Boxbuild Projects

Provide customers the solution to shorten time-to-market in your new product development  or launching ongoing projects in a most effective way as long as to meet your tight project timeframe.

Simply send us the project details and requirement, we would provide the best manufacturing service solution and flexibility in helping you to achieve your goal.