About KWT

Knight Wah Technology Ltd. is an Electronic Manufacturing Services provider established in Hong Kong Since 1996.  Our factory is located in Hong Kong (Kwai Chung) which has over 8,000 square feet and operating with ISO9001 Quality Management System for more than 18 years.


With more than 24 years of customer satisfaction, we have successfully developed our reputation in the industry. Our policy is committed to excellence and continuous quality improvement. We aim to produce top quality products on time, cost effectively, and provide our customers with a service that is most valued. Our ultimate goal is to develop a long term partnership with our customers.

Our facilities including 8,000 square feet manufacturing plant located in Hong Kong Kwai Chung Area and the 90,000 square feet associate factory located in Dong Guan Huang Jiang City. 

Hong Kong Plant in Kwai Chung industrial building 

China Dong Guan Plant

During the period of 40 years experience in electronic manufacturing industries, our founder Mr. K.W TSE has led the international EMS firm in obtaining the Governor's Awards - i) Quality and ii) Productivity  

The author of “ World Class Manufacturing ” Mr. RICHARD J. SCHONBERGER (Centre) & Ex-Senior Principal Consultant of Hong Kong Productivity Council - S.L. LAW (Right) visited KWT´s Hong Kong Factory in 1997.

Our Hong Kong Facilities and capabilities

KWT's Hong Kong facilities included the fully automatic SMT production line, automatic optical inspection machine, class 100 clean bench, manual assembly line, burn in oven, programming and testing equipment for particular product requirements.  


Our Hong Kong plant facilities also launching the order fulfillment program for our major customer over the years.


- Electronic Design and Development service (Circuitry Design to PCB Assembly development)

- Manufacture of PCA, Flexible PCA and Complete Product Assembly (including pilot run, mass production)

- Material sourcing and Inventory control

- Product Distribution and Customer Order Fulfillment (direct ship to end customer)

- Regional Repair Service Centre

- COO Hong Kong for complete product assembly (Hong Kong is an independent economic zone)

New service starting from 2019:

- Design and Manufacture of transformers based on customer's requirement, with wide range of metal core selection e.g. H14, H23, H50, Z11, PB, PC...etc. 



- Manufacture High End Fingerprint and 3D face Recognition devices and modules for a reputable company

- Providing advanced technology in manufacturing customized modules of the thermal imaging product

- Served as a Regional Product Distribution Centre supporting real time order fulfillment globally

- Served as a Regional Repair Centre providing fast response of customer feedback and product failure analysis


- Manufacture of Hi-End Audio Equipment


Type of Electronics Product Manufactured in Hong Kong Plant

The product type being built in our Hong Kong Plant included Flexible Circuits, Micro PCBA, Complete products included Fingerprint, Fingervein and 3D Face Recognition Devices and some of the models designed and fulfilled the IP65 standard requirement. Our Branding product "Knight Stereophonics" Hi-End Audio Equipment are all manufactured in our Hong Kong Plant.

Types of Transformer Product Manufactured in Hong Kong Plant

Associate factory (China) Facilities and capabilities

KWT's associate factory facilities included the fully automatic SMT production line, automatic optical inspection machine,  manual insertion and assembly line,  die attach and wire bonding assembly line, automated assembly line for particular product requirements, precision clean room assembly line and plastic injection production line with auto feed system.