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Our Businesses and Services

Electronic Manufacturing Services


Knight Wah Technology Limited

- Electronic Design and Development service (Circuitry Design to PCB Assembly development)

- Manufacture of PCA, Flexible PCA and Complete Product Assembly (including pilot run, mass production)

- Material sourcing and Inventory control

- Product Distribution and Customer Order Fulfillment Program

- Global/Regional Repair Service Centre

- COO Hong Kong for complete product assembly


Medical Procedure Mask


"Knight Armour"


We aim to manufacture the Medical Facemask in a extremely clean environment. All products are manufactured in our well-maintained ISO 14644-1 Class 7 (FS 209E ISO 7) Cleanroom. 


​For more information, please visit Knight Armour online store website

Hi End Audio


"Knight Stereophonics"

Established in 2017, research and develop Hi-End Audio components and equipment included Step Attenuators, Solid-state Preamplifiers, Vacuum Tube Preamplifiers, Integrated Amplifiers and Power Amplifiers.


All Knight Stereophonics Products are manufactured in Hong Kong by Knight Wah Technology Ltd.

Read more information about Knight Stereophonics.....

Transformers and Power Purified Product


"Knight Magnetronics"


Knight Magnetronics - research and develop Industrial transformers, Audio use transformers and Power Purified products. 

Design & Manufacture transformers based on customer's requirement, offering wide range of metal core selection e.g. H14, H23, H50, Z11, Permalloy (PB,PC)....etc


All Knight Magnetronics Products are quality assured in our Hong Kong facility.

Engineering Management Services


Engineering Management Services


We provide customized engineering management services to our customer. 

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